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Mad Jac’s Clipper Service
Keeping your tools clean and running right is the cornerstone of the hair cutting profession. Do not jeopardize your reputation by using clippers that are working less than optimal! Grab those units that you stuffed in back of your work station because they “weren’t cutting right” or “were making a funny noise” and let me look at them. You have a lot of money invested in your tools, so don't throw them away!
 - Cleaning and repair for most professional grade, out of warranty barber clippers. NOW ACCEPTING "Clipmaster" livestock clippers!!!
 - Andis, Oster and professional Wahl clippers only.
  -  Very reasonable service prices.
 - Service also available on Campbell's Latherizers.
*Service / Repair: $15 + parts if needed.
*Most cleaning done in 1 to 2 days.
*Repairs will take longer if parts are required.
                                            - Jac

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